What's the Story?

With my first semester of college now under my belt, I have allowed new views and perspectives into my life. One thing especially, is the impact social media can have on relationships. 

Through my experience and careful observation, I have come to the conclusion that WE are ALL ordinary people (unless you are Beyonce). I don't care about how many followers you have, the amount of likes you get, or God forbid you double post. 

For myself, in the past I am guilty about wanting to take a certain picture "for the gram", constantly checking the amount of likes a picture is getting, or needing the perfect caption. Yes I still believe coming up with captions is just a fun thing to do anyway, but worrying about everything else is so petty. 

Some of the coolest people I have met within the first semester of college are one's you may not even be able to find on social media. Trust me, some of the best people out there are the one's who don't give a crap about social media..not as much as you do at least. I'm not saying go out and delete everything. I am only suggesting to you and myself that you stop "doing it for the gram" and just start living. And while you are living in your experiences, don't forget to take pictures so you can look back on your memories. 

Stop allowing yourself to do something just to get a picture out of it, and live your life in the pursuit of happiness and leaving a story behind the photo. 

Cheers, Not Heidi Ho

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