20 Facts About Me

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

1. My Blog name came from being called "Heidi Ho" throughout my childhood...an explanation is to come on that

2. I am a natural blonde. Other than dying the tips of my hair, I have never dyed my hair

3. I was born and raised in the state of 10,000 lakes (Minnesota)

4. Lover of coffee, although this did not occur until I worked at a native Minnesota coffee shop throughout high school, the good ole Caribou Coffee.

5. I have an older brother and younger sister. They are both pretty cool.

6. I recently joined a sorority at my school, which is pretty cool for me considering I knew nothing about them other than the preconceived stereotype I had in my head. 

7. I love Zumba, or more so "dance hip hop"...any excuse to SHAKE DAT ASS in all honesty

8. I am not a cat person

9. I LOVE DOGS! Although I did have a slight fear of my dog growing up because he tried to eat my turkey sandwich the first day we got him :/

10. My best friend and I got our yellow belts in self-defense before our freshman year of high school and buried a time capsule before going away for our freshman year of college. Best Friend Goals?!??

11. In the fifth grade, I was practicing my dance routine at home and tripped over my own two feet only to fall and land, resulting in a VERY SWOLLEN and broken wrist. 

12. I can probably eat more ice cream than you. Unless you're my brother. 

13. Saying I love Red Bull would be an understatement. 

14. After viewing her Netflix documentary, I have developed a strong love for Chelsea Handler. 

15. Although I live in the State of Hockey, I just learned how to ice skate this past January. I only ripped one pair of leggings in the process.

16. Babe Walker lives to be another one of my ehhh "personality" inspirations...if that's a thing?

17. But in actuality, my Grandma really inspires me in the way she is always kind, lighthearted, laughs, and always lets the ones she loves know it.

18. Choir was a huge part of my life in high school, and I owe is to my awesome choir director for such an amazing four-year experience that will live with me for a lifetime. 

19. My sister is one of my best friends, like actually. One minute we're fighting but next we're on our way in the car for our coffee fix. 

20. I love taking baths. I also like taking photoshoots of my baths. But mostly I just like sweating out my problems. 

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