12 Reasons Why I Need To Become More Girly

Monday, March 14, 2016

Over my recent spring break, I have discovered I have the cleanliness level of a teenage boy who doesn't give a shit about school and just wants to smoke weed every day.

 So I have come to terms that it is time for me to make a dramatic change, and probably start, I don't know, probably GIVING A SHIT.

 I decided the best way to approach this is by choosing to live with a more girly mindset. You know how Youtubers have perfect apartments with a white color scheme and everything is always in perfect order. I'm not sure I can attain that level of "perfection" but it will surely be my inspiration.

 So here is a list of things I will strive to do when making changes and adapting to this new lifestyle.

1) Make my bed every day so I don't fucking lay in it after each class
2) Stop skipping class like a lazy ass and start giving a shit
3) Color coordinate my planner..and actually fill it out
4) I already do this but its never a bad idea to DRINK MORE WATAAAA
5) Start taking supplements in hope that it will result in some flowy tresses and beautiful glowing skin
6) Remove makeup every day. No questions.
7) Sticking to a skincare routine of face wash, toner, and moisturizer (moisturizer is keeeyyy)
8) Moisturize that neck!!!
9) Thou shall lather up body with unscented lotion post shower
10) Organize my desk other than the current "everything has its place" clutter it currently is
11) Go to the gym and do my friggin squats--> along with cardio and arm shit
12) Stop procrasting homework because girls who give a shit are always on top of their shit

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